The Wenlock Hutch

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Combining a 48" x 24" hutch and sleeping compartment sat on a 16" tall run

Access to the wire run is via an external door for easy feeding and watering.
Access to the hutch is via 2 opening doors for easy cleaning.

There is an access pophole leading into the shelter from the run with a ramp
and divisions separating the hutch and sleeping area.

Constructed from 50mm x 38mm wooden framing and 16mm x 125mm T&G shiplap board.
Welded mesh is 1' x 1/2' 19g galvanized wire.

The roof is of board and green mineralized felt.
All external timber is treated.

The hutch is supplied whole with the run flat packed.

Availability - maximum 10 working days from time of order.

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Next working day delivery plus £20.
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