The Merrington Cat Unit

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A housing suitable for chickens, bantams, cats, dogs and other small animals.

It measures 9' x 3' x 4' tall and consists of a fully enclosed 3' x 3' housing unit with attached egg
laying/brooding box in the poultry version.
Attached to this is a 6' x 3' run with a solid floor back and end. The whole unit is under one corrugated 'onduline' roof.

There are access doors into the run and the housing, with a pophole between the two.
There is also a pophole at the end of the run to allow the cats to roam free.

The front wire panel is removeable for easy access/cleaning.

Constructed from 50mm x 38mm wood framing and16mm x 125mm T&G wooden shiplap.
Welded mesh used is 1' x 1' x 16g galvanized wire.
All external timber is treated.

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